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Planning Permission

Just an update on buying a plot of land – obviously this is the first thing you need to think about on a self-build. And you utter those two little words …

Planning. Permission. [que, dramatic music: dun, dun, duuuuuuuun].

It’s expensive, time-consuming and therefore hard to get. So, the best option is to find a plot of land with planning permission or land with a property that you could knock down, right?


Land with Planning
A plot of land with planning permission is on average 75% more expensive than without.

Then you will obviously need to reapply for PP to alter the current permitted plans, as these will not be to your said self-build spec. Same goes for the plot of land with a property already on it, ready to be knocked down.

Amending PP costs £175 and will take up to 8 weeks to get an answer.

Total cost: £200,175
Total time: 8 weeks

Land without Planning
To apply for PP / change of use on a plot of land for a new build costs £385 and it will take no longer than 8 weeks, start to finish.

(Although it’s not great when an application is refused, 75% of planning applications are granted. Just do your homework first.)

Total cost: £30,385
Total time: 8 weeks

How do you know you will get planning permission once you have bought your plot?

You can do your research before applying to give yourself the best possible chance:

  • Make the planning application on the piece of land BEFORE you buy
  • Research your local planning policies
  • Get pre-application advice from your local planning department
  • Talk to the people who will be consulted during your application
  • Take into consideration the following material key points:

Overlooking/loss of privacy
Loss of light or overshadowing
Highway safety
Impact on listed building and Conservation Area
Layout and density of building
Design, appearance and materials
Government policy
Disabled access
Proposals in the development plan
Previous planning decisions
Nature conservation

General Planning Permission advice:

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